Here in Holland a month or so ago we had a special day against cyberbullying. There was a great program on tv about it, with guest who dealt with cyberbullies and a lot of famous dutch people showed hate tweets they recieved on their twitteraccounts. Everybody agreed it had to stop. So this day ended and life went on.

I guess people forgot about it, because I saw hatered all over the internet. Last week it went over the top and I think no one has any idea what is happening there, because most of the people are participating with it.

We have a weekly tv program what is called (translated) “Help! my husband is a wannabe handyman”. It is about woman who sign up their husbands for this show, because they don’t finish a single thing in the house. Most cases are real extreme, the electricity isn’t save, holes in the walles, no seelings, sometimes even no shower of an improvised shower or so. There has to be done a lot of work. The show hires a bunch of real handyman and give away all the material and appliances needed for the house to be in the bestes shape.

So last week this program was on and the wife got a complete (totaly free) new kitchen. Here reaction wasn’t very grateful and she had a lot of things she did’nt like about it. The counter was to small, also the freezer was way to small and there weren’t enough electrical outlets. Okay, that wasn’t a real great reaction from some one who just got a free home make over. The internet in Holland exploded over it and the media wasn’t very helpfull eighter. They only stired up the fire. Some famous people in Holland thought it was funny to make sarcastic ( very hurtfull) comments about it. The poor woman got hundreds of hate mails and messages, not to mention what was said about her indirectly on the internet. She was made out for a lot of things, ungratefull pig of slut, that kind of thinks. There was even a picture of here with a pigs nose. It had the text (translated) “Here is youre extra electrical outlet.”

I really don’t understand why people react this way, can’t they understand that she maybe didn’t mean it this way or that the program edited the show like that to gain more viewers? Why not first hear here side, before we make judgements? And even then, we don’t judge in the way that was done now. They kicked her down en didn’t stop kicking till they felt good about themselfs. I think they should be ashamed of themselfs.

This is an example of what happens on the internet. On a daily base, people are made fun of by others just for their own entertainment or to gain likes for it. I wish people would see that what they do or did, is really cyberbullying. Because I think it is. Even if you mean it funny, if it is hurtfull for an other, it still is bullying. People should stop and think before they post stuff on the internet.

Because I didn’t hear any one about this, I wonderd if I am the only one thinking like this. Because of my disorder, I’m afraid to ask people directly, so this is a safe way for me ­čśë

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